The Ark + 2 architecture firm specializes in external architecture (new buildings / bio-swimming pools / bathing lakes / landscaping) and internal (interior designs  / temporary set design) - both new residential and commercial units, which in restoration existing properties and / or subjected to art-historical-landscape restrictions (Superintendent). The  Ark + 2 handles the assignment from the initial design (concept development), through the construction and / or renovation (management of construction sites and the logistics of purchase) until completion / turnkey. The architect Andrea Maggi (Principal Architect - Project Manager), personally follows along to partners and collaborators, all stages of projects and construction sites. Particular attention is paid to foreign customers (USA / UK / RU), which invest in Italy and the USA.
The continuous search for innovative and functional solutions and respect for the environment, with an increasing focus on sustainable and green design, allow the firm to have many customers in Liguria, Tuscany and elsewhere in Italy and abroad. From the attention to technical details, through the increase in the value of such investment for live / work / leisure, Ark + 2  follows the client, accompanying them through all the technical / architectural aspects to important results